Saturday, December 11, 2010


Mime turnaround from VPetra on Vimeo.

My final image is finished! The presentation was yesterday and everybody did a great job. I got great feedbacks which makes me very happy, I loved to work on this project. You can also see poses and a turntable move of Jean Pierre, a lighting thumbnail for my scene and a couple of objects sculpted and painted in Mudbox. I still have some issues with the colors though, it tends to look very different on each display especially in Windows 7 which pulls up the contrast way too much creating an awful look.


  1. Great job. I really love this pictur as I love your blog. I look forward to further posts with flushed face. Greetings from Poland

  2. Thanks a lot for writing a comment! Happy Holidays!

  3. Gratulálok, nagyon szép lett az eredmény! "Pixar mívességű"
    Ha jól sejtem nem marad kihasználatlanul ez a szépen megépített karakter, meg a táj… Ha mégis majd meganimálom neked a következő viborgi animátori kurzuson : )

  4. Hey there! VPetra,Nice job on your blog,I love your style! I found you because I too was "doing" a mime character and when I googled "mime poses" up popped your terrific blog.Im glad my mime is nothing like yours.( though I do like the hankerchief round the neck! I might appropriate that idea!)Good look with your future in animation!( check out mine on my blog!)